The Maxi Dress: Real Style

A few weeks ago I posted some tips and ideas for wearing this summer´s trend, the Maxi Dress.  In this post I showed some images of celebs with maxi dresses on.  But they aren´t just for celebs!

Last weekend I went to the beach and saw NUMEROUS maxi dresses, some were gorgeous and well worn, and others not so much.  However, I wanted to post some pics of real girls wearing real maxi dresses so everyone can see they are very wearable.  The girls have three distinct body types: one tall and lean, one medium height and slender with sexy curves, and the other short, petite and curvy.  Each pulls off their maxi dress incredibly well, despite all having different body types!

First we have Holly, tall and slim wearing a patterned maxi.  The pattern is great and because she is tall it doesn´t overwhelm her.  She looks fab!

Next we have Desi, and I swear this dress was made especially for her, it´s absolutely perfect on her.  The belt is a great touch because it accentuates her curves and slender waist.

Finally here I am with my white maxi on.  I had to try several on because many were too long on me, because I am so short.  But attention to all short girls: you can find one that works!  I love this…reminds me of Ibiza!

Now as you can see EVERYONE can find a maxi dress that works for them…go and find yours!


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