Maximize your Denim


Who doesn´t want their favorite pair of jeans to last forever? I sure do! So here are some tips to keep your denim fresh and fabulous!  As seen originally in the June issue of Lucky mag.

Tip Number 1:  If you want to deoderize your denim without washing it (thus maintaining color and creases) still them in a ziplock baggie and put in the freezer for a week.  That will do the trick

Tip Number 2:  For maintaining color, wash denin inside out in cold water with a capful of white vinegar.  Then add one-two tablespoons of salt into the rinse cycle.

Tip Number 3: Wash white denim in mild regular detergent, not in chlorine bleach, which can lead to yellowing.

With this tips, hopefully your denim will live long and prosper!


2 responses to “Maximize your Denim

  1. TheDorsetFinca

    I only wish I had read this before my favourite pair disintegrated last week. Still, they managed 7 years of abuse! Thanks for the tips!

  2. @ DorsetFinca-sorry about your favorite pair, RIP! Hopefully these tips can help some other pairs last longer!

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