Spanx Swimsuits

Spanx has been a favorite of mine since way back to my NYC days.  Spanx makes pantyhose and shapewear that you wear under your clothes to basically suck you and slim you.  Even the skinniest of us still have SKIN so sometimes this helps even those who are very thin just look smoother and longer.

The good news is NOW they are making swimsuits.  Although I am more of a bikini girl myself, (I´ve sort of adopted that European viewpoint of…´doesn´t matter what I look like: less is always more at the beach´) I know that many out there will benefit from Spanx special power swimsuits!  The suits are magical but expensive, they run from about 100-200 USD. For more info visit their website:

Spanx Swimwear

SIDE NOTE: using shapewear does not mean you are fat! Tons of celebs have admitted to loving Spanx and wear it regularly, especially for it´s smoothing effort.  Being a petite girl, I must say I LOVE the effect Spanx has on me, its truly fabulous whether you are a big girl, or not!


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