Send the Trend!

The web is truly changing the way we communicate with the world and even revolutionizing how we SHOP!  Send the Trend is a new website that basically provides an accessories shopping service for it´s members.

How does it work?  First you sign up and take a style profile survey so your style and preferences can be determined.  Once your fashion personality has been analyzed, one accessory a month will be sent to you.  The fee per month is about 30 US dollars, including shipping. If don´t like the accessory, you can send it back!  Or you can order more than 1 a month.  Check out it, but beware…it´s addicting!

The best part was that the site was created by my all time favorite Project Runway winner, Cristian Siriano!  FIERCE!

Send the Trend

PS sad but true…they only ship to the USA…


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