Restaurant: El Armario

Among having fantastic nightlife, the Chueca neighborhood also has many excellent restaurants.  It´s a great place to hang out, in my opinion, have dinner, hit up a hot spot after…tons of amazing places to go.

I recently tried a restaurant in Chueca called ´El Armario´ which I really enjoyed for a variety of reasons.  Several restaurants I frequent in Spain have amazing food but the atmosphere leaves little to be desired.  In contrast, several of the ´trendier´restaurants I have tried haven´t had the best food quality or have been overpriced.  El Armario has all three things: great food and a trendy, modern ambience all for a reasonable price.  The waiters were even friendly! (In Spain this is a huge plus.)

The restaurant does a weekend menu for 20 euros for dinner.  This menu includes bread, water, appetizer, main course, and desert.  Wine or other drinks were not included in this price.

My favorite by far was the appetizer. I had clams in a champagne cream sauce with parsley and it was TO DIE FOR.  My second plate was steak with wild rice, and dessert actually blew me away, I ordered a brownie with ice cream, preparing mentally not to be wowed but I was!  That was one amazing brownie.  My bf had a yummy looking salad with goat cheese for his appetizer, and chicken with curry for the main course, and a lemon sorbet with mojito for dessert.  We shared a bottle of Rioja wine, which was approx 15 euros.

The atmosphere was sexy, low lit and fun.  When we walked in at 9:30 for our reservation, there was almost no one there (that´s early for dinner in Spain) and then within minutes the place was packed-good thing we reserved!  The music was low and loungey and we got a great little table in the corner by the window…which was fantastic, Chueca might just be the greatest place in the universe to people watch!

I later found out that this restaurant is owned by gay TV presenter Jesus Vazquez.  Go him!  He´s got a wonderful restaurant on his hands.  I also like the name choice, ´El Armario´ (The Closet) for Chueca (the neighborhood)…kinda fun haha!

If you want a fun place for a small group or a date, this is your spot.  Make sure to order the clams and the brownie!



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