Depliar System

This new hair removal system sounds amazing.  Basically, it´s a pain-free easy alternative to laser hair removal that works on all skin types and hair colors.

It´s basically a gel thats put on after a wax, threading or tweezing.  The gel has enzymes that break down hair follicles and kill them.

It takes a year to two years to rid the hair completely but results can be seen after the first session.  This product is currently only available in salons, and not for at home use.

I am sure this product will make its way to Spain but so far it´s only available in select salons in the United States and possibly some other European countries.

It sounds fantastic, doesn´t it? Painless, easy, and works on EVERYONE, which is not the case with laser.

For more info, visit their website:  Depilar System


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