Current Obsession!!!!

Yes, yes I do become obsessed with a few select things… not men, not partying, not even reality television…but what really gets me are handbags and shoes.  The obsession eats away at me, slowly taking over my body until I have no willpower! I must have it!   I must buy it!  So this time around, it was a lovely leather tote, that forced itself upon me…the story goes like this…

My bff Meggie brought me a USA copy of InStyle, where this tote was featured…Cole Haan, I thought? Perhaps, Kate Spade one might say? NO! Banana Republic!  120 dollars and a quick touch of the internet and this amazing bag can be yours…  I hope it will soon be mine 🙂

Available a Banana Republic.Com


One response to “Current Obsession!!!!

  1. If only I had known how dangerous those magazines would be I would have left them in the States! 😉

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