Get Smooth and Summer Ready Skin

So as I mentioned in the previous post my bff Meggie came to visit and brought my an InStyle USA magazine.  This may have just been one of the best issues I have ever read! It was choc full of style tips, beauty tips, with the latest and greatest fashions and flairs for summer 2011.

I got a GREAT beauty tip from them.  If you can´t afford microdermabrasion but want softer, richer and smoother skin, try an at- home remidy.  Simply buy some Baking Soda at the grocery store (in spanish-bicarbonato at the farmacia) and mix it: 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water.  Apply the paste in a circular motion over face, body, feet, pretty much wherever you want and then rinse with water.  The grains act as an exfoliant, removing dead skin and uncovering fresh skin, just in time for shorts weather.

VOILA! Hot sexy beach bod!


2 responses to “Get Smooth and Summer Ready Skin

  1. My first time reading this blog. Just a note, the baking soda is NOT good for your skin and is much too harsh for most skin types. Think about it- you can use baking soda to clean your pool, why would you put it on your skin? Instead, mix brown sugar with olive oil (you’ve got both of these in your pantry) to make a thick paste, and scrub everywhere. Much better!

  2. @ Lauren: great idea with the olive oil and brown sugar. I have used to the baking soda remedy and thought it worked well, I don´t have very sensitive skin though, and your ingredients probably smell nicer too-thanks for the tip!

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