Cupcake Mania Swarms Madrid

Madrid has finally caught up with NYC,  LA, and the rest of the USA on the cupcake mania! (Or maybe that biz is totally over the USA…old news!) However, here on the other side of the pond, Madrileños are going crazy for cupcakes!  I am perfectly fine with this as I adore cupcakes, always have, always will.  Really, I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  How I fondly remember those NYC days where I used to jet over to Krumbs on 43rd for a mid afternoon snack…now I can do that in Madrid too!

You want in on some cupcakes? Here´s where to find ´em!

1. Cupcake Madrid

Velázquez, 126

M-Th 10-6

F 10-8

Sat  10-2

Make sure to try the Yeti (chocolate cupcake with coconut frosting!

2.  Happy Day

Espíritu Santo, 9

BONUS: Open every day from 10 to midnight!

EXTRA EVEN BOSSIER BONUS: this store also sells typical products from the USA…get your pancake mix here everyone!

3. La Tienda de Cupcakes

Reina Victoria, 68

They have decorating contests! How cute!

If you happen to find yourself in Barcelona and suddenly have a cupcake craving, try:

Lolita Bakery

Portal Nou, 20


Calders, 3


One response to “Cupcake Mania Swarms Madrid

  1. Yum yum!

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