Ask Lori: ´The Maxi Dress´and How to Rock It

It´s everywhere this spring…the maxi dress. For those of you who aren´t hip with fashion lingo, the maxi dress is a long, ankle length dress that is meant as casual wear.  So in other words it´s long but it´s not evening wear or a fancy gown.

I personally love this trend. I used to think you had to be tall and thin to pull this trend off but that is not the case! You just have to find the right one for you.


Find one that fits.  There is nothing sexy about a giant piece of fabric overwhelming your body.  Look for one that fits you correctly.  Usually ones with an empire waist or one that´s got a bit of shape, tighter on top until the waist or hips and slightly larger at the bottom.

If you are small or short, pair it with wedges or a fitted jacket to keep the look from swamping you.

If you are larger, find an empire waist (helps mask a bigger tummy) or flowing look to cover heavier thighs.

Be careful with: larger patterns (they can make you look larger) or horizontal stripes.  Also watch the length, tripping is no fun!

Stay AWAY from ones with long sleeves, or really any sleeves…because your legs are covered, these dresses are made to give coverage on the bottom and less on top.  Otherwise it will look like you are wearing a mumu.  Plus, the nature of these dresses should be floaty, fun and summery…if you wanted to be fully covered you´d be wearing a sweater and jeans.

See some great examples celebs have given us:

Jennifer Aniston ROCKS this one, it´s a bit more figure forming on top and loose on the bottom, just skims her curves.

This one that Vanessa is wearing is a bit dressier but she pairs it perfectly with a fitted jacket for some extra shape.

Nicole Richie proves that short girls can pull this trend off.  She also pairs hers with a fitted jacket but unlike Vanessa´s, this look is much more casual and looks great with flip flops!

Lauren Conrad looks great in her tie-dye look.  The tight lowcut fit on top balances perfectly with the floaty bottom.  She´s the perfect California girl.

Amy Smart´s two tone empire waist maxi dress makes her look super tiny.  This style can definitely help disguise a pear shaped body.

So go out, buy your maxi dress, and prance around feeling happy!


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