Travel Update: Lanzarote

As a current resident of Spain I plan on visiting each and every one of the Canary Islands.  So far I´m 4 down, having visited Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura (which I adore) and my newly acquired contender to steal Fuerteventura´s place as favorite, Lanzarote!    The island is a volcanic sight to see, with actual rocks and black ash and  mountains with crater´s lining the hightways and coastline.  It´s a very special place.

Of course I had an amazing time because I was with 7 fabulous ladies…but aside from the company, the beaches were beautiful, the locals were nice and the food was great.

We stayed in the Playa Blanca area where I highly recommened the Playa Blanca beach, pictured below.

Playa Blanca, gorgeous!

Renting bikes is a great way to get around town, the beach, and the surrounding area.   Make sure to rent a car if you want to see the famous Papagayo beach…its a pretty serious bike ride so a car might be a better plan for that excursion.

Me, sporting the perfect ´bike to the beach outfit´…Mango Top, cut off shorts (otherwise known as DUKES) (If I knew how to add a footnote thats where I  would also mention I´ve had these dukes since I was 13), fedora from boutique in Dublin, Ireland, and of course, essential beach wear…rainbow flip flops!

Eats…Casa Pedro is where its AT.  Delicious seafood, with a beautiful terrace and ocean views…doesn´t get much better than that!

Casa Pedro

Also, Gravity, a small British owned bar on the main drag is a great place to relax with a coffee or mojito.

Using my favorite website, which I have written about before, Owners Direct UK, I rented an amazing villa, which I highly recommened, the actual link to the villa is here is want to go and have a large group!

Villa for 8

Start planning your trip now!

All the girls!

From left to right, Lori, Holly, Norma, Desi, Heather, Amy, Monica, Rachel


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