Abercrombie comes to Madrid

This news should bring happiness to many Madrid based prepsters, yuppies,  and teens! Abercrombie will soon be opening right here in Madrid!

The store is under construction with a tentative opening date of SOMETIME in July and August…(strange, you´d think they would wait until September, August in Madrid is like a ghost town).  The shop will be located in plaza del Marqués de Salamanca, which is just leading into the ´designer´shopping area of Madrid.

Once I know of a grand opening date, I will share it with you all!  See the picture of below of the new location.  Two nekkid dudes right in Barrio Salamanca…not bad!


7 responses to “Abercrombie comes to Madrid

  1. Please tell me this will open in july, i’m going to be in madrid in mid july for a week and hope to get a chance to shop there. Please reply with news, thanks.

  2. @Raz-I´ve looked for more information and so far found nothing about the exact opening date. It seems like they are keeping it very vague. However, I will continue looking and listening and will update with a post as soon as I know anything! Enjoy your trip to Madrid in July, check out the restaurant and bar section if you´d like to try out some interesting places! 🙂

  3. Hello!
    I will travel to Madrid in late july, and I wonder whether you have any more precise information about the opening-date? Thank you!

  4. @Mikael-I can´t seem to find any accurate info on when the actual opening date is! I was in the area last week and it still wasn´t open. I will try to keep you updated but in any case, try stopping by the future store location when you are in Madrid to check…there are many, many shops in the area where the store is opening, so even if A and F isn´t yet open you can shop elsewhere nearby! Enjoy your trip to madrid!

  5. It will be opened next 3rd November. Still more than 2months to go! 😉

  6. Hi, I am in Madrid at the moment and could you please let me know if this shopp is open now?and where?
    Many thanks,

  7. @ Poca, The store is projected to open sometime in the first two weeks of November in barrio salamanca.

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