shookIT Designs: New Blog!

I HEART supporting up and coming designers,  for various reasons…ONE: I love helping new and talented designers get their start and TWO: I love being the first to have the newest, most creative and FABULOUS items!!!!

So my when friend and up and coming designer, Nora, who creates the original and innovative jewelry and accessorites line ¨ShookIt Designs,¨ told me she started a blog to show off her fantastic creations, I was all about it.

I wanted to share the link with you so you can stay updated with all of her new products and items.

ShookIt Designs Blog

Ahem AND…wait for it…I am actually MODELING in one of her latest and greatest blog posts.  I of course noticed some of her amazing new rose jewelry and knew immediately I had to have a piece of my own.  So Nora custom made me a red rose ring, which my hands (used think they were chubby and pale but NOW they are model worthy!!!) are oh so graciously modeling.  Of course you´ll have to visit her blog to see it.  🙂


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