The Royal Wedding: Lori´s Take

Being a ´fashion blogger´I suppose I should write up a little something on the Royal Wedding.  I definately think Kate looked beautiful, she wore a lovely dress that was conservative enough for a duchess- to- be but also sexy and modern.  Even though we´ve all seen it a million times, I´ll post a pic below.  Pippa, her sister was also a knockout in  her simple white dress, which suprised me and probably most of the world…no one knew Pippa Middleton was a hottie!  Both dresses were designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

Secondly this whole hat-feather-bird on your head craze is getting a little out of control. I do like some of them but there were some that took it just a bit to far, in my opinion.  See below for examples…

To be honest with you I saw some pretty dresses, but nothing truly wowed me.  Posh and Beck´s looked nice, and granted she is pregnant but I was expecting more from her.  See below, she looks classy in her navy dress but doesn´t seem like anything special.

Perhaps no one wanted to show up the bride? Or thought it was a truly classic affair and toned down their looks? What do you think?


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