The Best of Claudia Schiffer

Growing up as the quintessential 80´s child, I remember the super model generation like it was yesterday.  Gone be all these skinny bitches, I want Cindy, Claudia, Linda, Nikki,  and Naomi!  What ever happened to the idea of a supermodel? A tall, curvaceous woman who radiates sex appeal at every angle and is the icon of every teenage girl in the world?  Now all we have are 14-year-old anorexic´s from Eastern Europe to look up too…not cool.  Sure, Giselle is alright and Heidi and Tyra still rock it but really…sad but true…the supermodel generation is long gone.

So when I recently saw that Claudia Schiffer had picked out her top 15 photo shoots of all time in Vogue UK, I wanted to post my top five here, to do a little homage to the supermodel generation.

Here goes! My top five of Claudia´s top 15.  Please, share comments!

5.  This image, shot by Mario Testino for French Vogue is amazing. I actually saw it, supersized at the Mario Testino exhibit here in Madrid this past fall.  It´s sexy without being vulgar, it almost reminds me of an innocent baby or something.  Claudia says, ´’Mario brings something sexy to all of his images but there always remains an innocence or playfulness to them which I love.’

4. Karl Lagerfield for Chanel, 1990

This ad is so vintage and classic, I love the general vibe of it.  Claudia says, ´’Chanel campaign – This is from my first ever Chanel campaign shot by Karl Lagerfeld in Deauville. I love working with Karl, it was a fantastic time and a huge start for my career. He has been a great mentor.’

3.  Claudia for Karl Lagerfield

I love the masculinity of this pic.  Even dressed up as a man she still looks amazing.  Claudia says, ´’Karl has been one of the most important people in my career and he is also a great friend. I like the way he always tries to do something new and reinterpret people, fashion, everything really. People often want to photograph me in a very feminine way which is great but I love the masculinity of this picture. It also reminds me of my father so it holds a very special place with me.’

4. Richard Avedon for Versace, 1994

I love this picture because I just love the whole idea of the grouping of supermodels…it again just reminds me of that generation, not only have we got Claudia here but Cindy, Christy and Linda too!  Claudia says, ´’I think Richard Avedon’s Versace campaigns completely embodied the spirit of the Nineties. It was great when we got together for these types of shoots as we all travelled so much we rarely saw each other.’

1.  Peter Lindbergh for Chanel, New York City

This is my number one favorite shot.  It´s so Rent, so 80´s, so downtown New York City! This was Karl Lagerfield´s biker collection for Chanel.  Claudia says, ´I just remember this being a great time and having fun hanging out with the girls.’

Hail to the supermodels!


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