La Mucca Restaurante

La Mucca restaurante is a vibrante lounge/restaurant centrally located in Madrid.  I stopped in recently to meet some girlfriends for wine and it was definitely a hot spot for good looking, trendy madrileños and foreigners.

The atmosphere is the main selling point of this joint.  It´s very New York, exposed brick, dim lighting, crowds of well dressed young people…a nice place to grab a drink.  It was completely full when I arrived on Thursday night at 9:30 so that´s always a good sign.  The host´s were friendly and the drinks filled high, however they weren´t cheap.  A class of rioja red wine was 3.50 euros ( I know this sounds cheap to those in other countries but for Spain…anything over 2.50 for a glass of red wine is maddess!)  You definitely pay for the ambiance here.

They had a basement seating area for the restaurant which was cute, a little cave-like, as you can see in the picture below.  I didn´t try any food but it looked good and wasn´t too expensive, especially considering the wine prices.

The location I went to was on Calle del Prado (not to be confused with Paseo del Prado) 16, easily accessible from the Sol or Sevilla metro stops.  They do have another location, so more information check out their website, La Mucca.



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