Fiesta Mango

Mango, alongside Glamour magazine, recently sponsored an exciting shopping event in select stores all over Spain.

The store basically held a party where you got a 25% discount off everything in the entire store.  They served unlimited mojitos, there was a DJ pumping crazy house music, and MAC makeup representatives giving makeovers.  The party was only open to those who had signed up online, and the store was closed to the general public at this time.

I arrived at the event on the later side, which turned out to be great because the crowd was thinning out.  I began shopping, mojito in hand, specifically for skirts and skirts. (ps…shopping with a mojito is SO much more fun that without…I´m afraid I might never be able to go back to non-alcoholic shopping ever again!)

The spring line at Mango has some fun spring merchandise. I definitely saw a lot of longer shorts, and a lot of bright orange, blue, and green.  I tried on several items and in the end, found a khaki skirt I really liked.  Check the pics below for my fashion finds as well as my friends fashion finds!

Me: mojito in hand, khaki ready for purchase!

The lovely Desi, with denim and pale pink shirt

Norma, excited for her orange dress with zipper front pocket and striped scarf

Rachel with her slinny fit army green pants…I wanted a pair…they were wayyyy to long…it´s slim pickings for the shorties!

All the girls doing what we do best…shopping and drinking

Rachel and Lori…enjoying our mojitos!


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