Nomada Market: Joselito my fren

A few weeks ago I made a stop into Nomada Market, which was a 3 day independent design fair here in Madrid on Calle Atocha. I love supporting new designers…everyone´s gotta start somewhere! I also love discovering original items first before all the rest.  That way I can be the one to spread the big bossy news!

So here goes…Nomanda Market was AWESOME and my absolute favorite was a brand called ´Joselito my fren´.  The designs are all vintage and antique looking clutches.  SO CUTE! I almost bought one but of course the one I liked best was already SOLD to another girl (skank! Just kidding…)  Since each clutch was unique of course there weren´t anymore like it…you win some, you lose some!  Anyway the designer is very creative and this was really a standout booth for me…so many are doing this whole, ´hairband with flower or lace´type pieces now…all the same!  But not Joselito…this was very unique, and I loved it.

I love everything! I definitely think this would make just the perfect gift for someone.

For more info, visit Joselito my fren


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