A Girl Can Dream…Can´t She?

If I had all the money and swag in the world, I would definitely buy this incredible bag by Jimmy Choo. It´s offically been added to:

´Lori´s Official Wish List of Bossy and Amazing Items´

So looks just like a normal bag, right!  But it´s NOT… it´s so much more! It´s actually a carrying case for your shoes!  It´s perfect to travel with and keep your footwear protected!

Love the leopard inside.  It´s hard to tell, I couldn´t find a better pic unfortunately, but there are two pockets for the shoes on one side and two pockets on the other side.  What a perfect invention.

This bag doesn´t come cheap…about 1500 euros or 2000 dollars.  Sniff sniff.  But a girl can dream…can´t she? 🙂

On that note…this week is SPRING BREAK and I will be on the road (unfortunately…without a Jimmy Choo Shoe Carrying Case…) so posts will be coming out slower for the next week or two…be patient! Miss Life and Style Madrid needs a vacay, but I promise she´ll be back and better than EVER in May! xoxoxo!!!!


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