Fitting Room FABULOUS: Trip Chic Vespa

I think we all know that one amazing thing about  living in Europe is how hot dudes race around scooters all the time.  I pretty much have daydreamed my whole life (well, after I started watching Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movies) about racing around on the  back of my boyfriends vintage vespa, hair blowing in the wind, Hilary Duff music playing in the background…

ANYWAY this dream can come true with Trip Chic Vespa! (Just throwing it out there, my dream totally already came true, though my hot spanish love god does not own a vespa, but actually a Japenese imitation scooter, close enough)

Trip Chic Vespa will rent a vespa to you for 1-7 days.  Most of their vespas are vintage, which is even cooler. You can choose the one you want, depending on availability of course.  What are perfect way to enjoy a spring day! You can also buy super cute helmet covers, if you´ve already got your own moto. Check their website for more info, or search their name on facebook to ´like´their page.

TripChic Vespa

Here you see one of the available vintages vespas for rent as well as two helment covers.  And of course modeling we have ageless beauties Lori and Norma.

Some cute helmet covers!


2 responses to “Fitting Room FABULOUS: Trip Chic Vespa

  1. Can they rent over seas? I want!

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