Fitting Room FABULOUS: FashioNYst

NYST caught me eye at Fitting Room because it basically combines two aspects of my life…fashion in New York City and fashion in Madrid!  The process begins with taking design students or relatively unknown/ new designers in NYC.  These designers create original bags and accessories, and then they are sold in NYC and Madrid.  I think its truly fabulous for three main reasons (among others!):

1. It lets people in Spain have access to otherwise unaccessible fashion and designs straight from New York City-the world´s top fashion capital.

2.  It gives young designers in NYC the chance to make and sell their merchandise, especially abroad.

3. Price points are really reasonable for quality items.

What´s not to love?!  If you want to buy OR if you are interested in selling your items with NYST….see below

General website:

From the USA email:

From Spain:

FUN FACT: What really got me was the  names of the bags!  They are all named after streets in NYC…Mulberry, Bayard, Hester…tear of nostalgia slips down my cheek…!!!!

Collection at Fitting Room

One of my faves, the Bayard in blue


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