Fitting Room FABULOUS: Le Monvintage

Finally, a long overdue set of blog posts about the Fabulous Fitting Room event I attended a few weeks ago.  The event was set in a hotel art gallery in Barrio Salamanca, Madrid.  Each room was set up differently with a vendor showing art, fashion, accessories, jewelry,photography and more.  The rooms were entirely different from each other and they each had their own unique touch.

Of my favorites was Le Monvintage.  I am thrilled because the merchandise is absolutely PRECIOUS and they are actually set to open a store in April in Madrid.   Walking through the Le Monvintage Room…I felt like I was in Alice and Wonderland or something…it was magical! The presentation was just stunning.

This one was a standout from all the rest, because not only were the accessories and clothes adorable and much cuter, in my opinion than many of the other vendors, but the price points were also very reasonable.

One last last thing I loved about this was that the woman I spoke with was so nice.  Some of the people in the rooms were snobby or rude…´Oh…another blogger…´This woman  was very sweet and helpful and seemed quite pleased at the prospect of being featured on a blog, which made her a definite standout from the rest. Please see photos below.

For more info:

Le Monvintage

LOVE THIS SHIRT!!! LOVE IT! I should have bought it…I will when the store opens 🙂

All of these items are RINGS! SO cute!

This pic has a little bit of everything, necklaces, pins, rings, hairpins, LOVES!

Sigh…end of magical fairyland!  🙂


2 responses to “Fitting Room FABULOUS: Le Monvintage

  1. obvs, love the teacup rings 🙂

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