Cibeles Fashion Week: MY FAVE COLLECTION!!! TCN!!!

So here it is, ladies and gents, my absolute favorite collection from Madrid Cibeles Fashion Week.  A perfect way to end out my fashion week recaps.  I know I didn´t feature all the designers, but I did write about my favorite ones…I don´t want to be that blogger that dogs everyone out with negatively so I really only featured the ones I loved.   So here you have it, the best of Cibeles…of course I saved my favorite, the best for last!

It´s young, its hip, its urban, its totally NYC…think Zac Posen meets Alice and Olivia meets Rag and Bone…meets…I don´t even know!  It´s one of a kind!  It´s just amazing and I would seriously LOVE to sport each and every look that walked this runway.  And the best part is I think I could! The pieces are informal enough that I could really adapt these runway looks to streetwear.  I also admire this collection because it was made almost entirely of separates, which is alot harder and a lot more work to do than just dresses.

Loving that this model has actual thighs!  Extra props to TCN for non anorexic models!

Need to have a red leather jacket in my closet, love this one.

This is my absolute favorite look…I LOVE the mixing of all the 80´s trends at once, the fuschia socks, the flannel plaid shirt with the lace and the ruffles! Hard meets soft!  Fantastic.


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