La Tagliatella Ristorante

One might think as Spain is so close to Italy, it would have great Italian food.  That has not the case, in my experience here in Madrid. However, all this changed since I ate at La Tagliatella a few weeks ago !

The most shocking part for me was realizing that it´s actually a chain restaurant!  I couldn´t believe it.  There are several locations in Madrid and the one I tried was on Calle Juan Bravo.

The restaurant had EXCELLENT service, which is shocking because normally here you don´t find that.  We had a few different waiters, two of which helped advise on wine.  They were very attentive.

We ended up ordering a pizza and a pasta dish to share between two people, which was more than enough.  The waiter actually told us that getting a salad would be too much food, he thought (I love how they didn´t try to oversell us).  The pizza was super thin crust and delicious, topped with spinach, onions, bacon, parmesano cheese, pesto and mushrooms.  The pasta, which was a ravoili stuffed with goat cheese, onions and tomatoes was incredible.  It had a pesto sauce and it was to die for.  We ordered a bottle of Sicilian red wine, which was also fantastic, and a yummy dessert of mascarpone gelato and warm chocolate sauce to share.

They also do carry out, which is good to know.  The decoration was ornate and comfortable, with Italian books everywhere and very antiquish.  They even had an old organ!

All in all I highly recommmened.  Expect to spend about 40 to 50 euros on dinner for two, including wine and desert.

La Tagliatella Madrid
C/ Juan Bravo, 35
28006 Madrid
Tel. 91 562 58 38

(try to reserve if it´s a weekend)


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