Cibeles Fashion Week: Roberto Verino

Verino was inspired this year by an Asian theme.  He carried this theme through the clothes, and also with the hair and makeup.  I liked it, however I have to say my favorite part is that my favorite male model, looked absolutely FABULOUS in this show.  See Jon Kortajarena below (from Bilbao)…and prepare yourself for…extreme heat.

Whew! Okay everyone just calm down.

I like this skirt alot, the metallic color is great and it´s volume makes it fun.  The asian hair wig thing I don´t mind too much here because her hair is blond so it fits but in the picture below I am not loving the styling…it just looks like a bad fitting wig.

However, the dress is fun…more than likely I´ll by the imitation at Bershka next fall for 22.99 euros


2 responses to “Cibeles Fashion Week: Roberto Verino

  1. So I google “Bershka” because obvs it must be amazing if you’re buying killer dresses there . . . and now I’m wondering, is the midriff coming back? I mean, tons of 90’s florals are showing up so I guess it’s always a possibility. Please advise whether I need to start doing crunches again!

  2. Haha YES Bershka rocks…and midriff tops are DEF back in…guess we need to start doing denise austin abs…!!!!

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