WHO IS John Galliano´s Replacement?

Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy is set to take over for a disgraced John Galliano at Dior.  Or is he? Well it´s not entirely confirmed, but rumor´s have been swarming at Paris Fashion Week that this is the man to have the job.

However…we also have Alber Elbaz  as a contender.  He has managed to completely turn around Lanvin (I LOVE LANVIN so he´s clearly done an amazing job).  Elbaz has mentioned he´s quite happy at Lanvin, but several say they saw members of the Lanvin team crying during Paris Fashion Week, as if he´d put in a resignation.  (However this tells us nothing…if you´ve ever been behind the scenes during fashion week…it´s stressful and insane…people have been working 65 hours straight and no one eats anything of course wanting to be skinny and perfect…everyones hungry and cranky and tears are entirely warranted).


SO WHO WILL TAKE THE SPOT? My bet is Tisci…we shall soon see!


One response to “WHO IS John Galliano´s Replacement?

  1. I think that is going to be Riccardo Tisci 😀 kisses guapa

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