Cibelespacio Caroll Maura

One of the coolest things about Cibelespacio was the designers that had tables or booths out to sell unique and interesting items.  One of my absolute favorites was Caroll Maura, whose designs were a very original type of fabric necklace or almost like a bib.  I thought they were really fun and could definitely add alot to an otherwise plain or lacking outfit.  They are really standout pieces.  See below for pics and info on where to purchase!

Una de las mejores cosas acerca de Cibelespacio se los diseñadores que tenía mesas para vender piezas únicas e interesantes. Uno de mis favoritos absolutos fue Caroll Maura. Sus diseños fueron un tipo muy original de collar de tela o casi como un babero. Pensé que los collares eran muy divertido y definitivamente podría añadir mucho a la ropa normal o básica. En realidad son piezas destacadas. Véase más abajo para fotos e información sobre donde comprar!

A sampling of her table.

I took this picture because this young lady totally ROCKED this gorgeous necklace.  It also shows how perfect they can look on a black shirt or dress.

This one was my fave!

Some more!

Love the snakeskin one.

If this looks like your style (or it really would make a fabulous gift) check out for more information on where to buy.


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