Sanctuary City Spa

ROMANCE is the key word that this spa brings to mind.  It´s the perfect romantic afternoon treat for you and your honey to enjoy.  The spa circuit comes with or without massages, and basically includes a circuit of jacuzzi-pools, saunas, and steam rooms.  It´s beautiful and sexy, dark, romantic with candles and soft music and you are completely alone with you and your signficant other during the circuit.  Afterwards you can relax in a small room with lounge chairs, magazines, champagne, chocolate, tea or water.

I highly recommened this to splurge for a special occasion.  This place truly is a sanctuary!

Prices: 80 euros for 2 people for the spa circuit.  If you want to include a massage it´s extra.

Calle Ponzano, 37


Metro: Alonso Cano



One response to “Sanctuary City Spa

  1. ooooo maybe I will use my SmartBox on this!!! It sounds amaaazing!!!

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