Ask Lori: Leather Leggings…Hot or Not?

Leather leggings are totally hot…however only if you´ve got the right pair of gams to squeeze into them!


Duff´s looking hot in her all black combo

Kim is definately a ´do´in this outfit

We all knew they´d look good on Heidi but not bad on Olsen and Rihanna either!


We all know celebs can rock em but…can we?

The answer is yes.  However you have to follow a few rules.

1. Make sure your ass is covered.   Treat leather leggings as if they were tights. Make sure your shirt or dress atleast covers most of your ass. Leather cameltoe is NASTY.

2.  You don´t have to be super tall or thin to rock this trend! Look at Kim Kardashian, shes got a hot curvy bod and she looks great in them.   However, heels always help in this department, or even low heeled boots.  Just make sure your legs are in shape and lookin´good.

3.  Be careful not too look goth.  Accesorize with a few girly objects or make sure to add some color in the rest of your outfit. Even Duff who is wearing all black puts some nude platforms on to make it seem a bit more girlish.  A colored shoe is always a great way to go, or something like Kim´s heart necklace.

MY PERSONAL ADVICE is to stay away from colored leather leggings.  Not pretty.

THIS EQUALS NO.   DON´T DO IT, PLEASE. No one wants to spot your cellulite from a mile away.

Also, buying pleather is fine, but make sure you don´t look like you are wearing plastic.  Forever 21 may not be the best place to shop for this particular trend.


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