Cibeles Cool People!

Dear friends,

Please support my blogger buddies that walked in the COOL People Cibeles fashion show! Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE COOL. If you don´t believe me check out the show!

NUMBERS 18 and 50 and 60

Number 18 Bea from

and Number 50 Daniel

and Number 60 Monica

LOTS OF LOVE PEEPS!  Happy Thursday!

xo Lori


3 responses to “Cibeles Cool People!

  1. Loriiiiiiiiiii!
    this is just so lovelyy i have to upload the pictures and videos!
    and im sorry for not going to the meeting!
    next time ill really be a named fashion blogger
    and well be there partying like never before!
    i cant see them!
    i cant remember who your friends where but ill follow their blogs from now on! ^^

  2. Lori! Fue genial desfilar en Cibeles! Gracias por nombrarme! Un besito!

  3. qué mona eres! gracias por tu comentario sobre la falda y por el de cool people (18) hahahah…<3 un besazo enorme! nos vemos pronto!

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