It may be freezing here in Madrid but in São Paolo´s Fashion Week the runways were hot!  Apparently, there were tons of hats featured, which goes perfectly with my Fashion New Years Resolution to wear more hats.  See below for some highlights.

Hats were a distinct feature at the Fernanda Yamamoto and Andre Lima shows.  Materials include lucite, jewels, pretty much anything you can find, it can be made into a hat!  Now fashion means wearing elephants on your head!

I know these hats are a bit extreme but fashion is all about pushing the limits and we don´t always have to take it literally.  Take these ideas and interpret them into something less extreme.  Maybe since I enjoy the idea of feathers on a hat so I´ll stick some onto my fedora and call it a day.

For example, this black hat from Jemma Loveridge is perfect for the horse races this summer!  You get a little pizazz with the asymetrical shape and feathers but it´s not so over the top.

Another cool option is something like this fedora Mischa´s got on.  The polka dot ribbon is far from extreme but it´s something a little flashy to add on to an otherwise tame hat.



  1. Cool hats
    youre on my favs from now on Lori 🙂
    loved your blog since long ago anyway!
    thank youu

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