Metropolitan Spa

Metropolitan Spa is a spa circuit of different jacuzzi´s, steam rooms, and pools.  It´s actually part of a very expensive gym that I wish I could afford to join.  The spa circuit part a wonderful space to relax and just rest and regain a nice glow in your face.

You basically have a few hours to go in and do a circuit of wellness, tonification or relaxation.  I personally really enjoyed their steam room and the have a pool with ´beds´inside that you lay on and they bubble, it´s so fun.  So if you want to have a nice Saturday afternoon, call up and book a session.  It would be fun alone, with friends, or especially with your signficant other.


José Abascal, 46 Madrid, 28003
Metro: Rios Rosas, Alonso Cano
914 514 466


3 responses to “Metropolitan Spa

  1. Absolutely fantastic! Now this is a trendy treat! It looks amazing!

  2. This weekend I will be trying a new one, Sanctuary Spa…looks even better! Will blog on it soon 🙂

  3. I was a Metropolitan Santa Ana member last year. The gym was small, hot and the classes were sub-par, but the SPA ahhh oohhh.. the spa portion made up for it all!

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