Be Happy in Madrid (or anywhere!) Part 4

FINALLY the end to my posts on happiness…the third and final set of tips to help you achieve your own personal happiness…do something that serves a larger purpose, or helps others.  This, in turn, will be rewarding for you and will create happiness.  Now I am not saying you have to take allllll your free time and volunteer at the nearest homeless shelter.  You just need to take a few minutes of your day  and devote it to things that serve a larger purpose.  How do you do it? Here´s my top 5 ´Lori Tips´.

1. Find a job you think is meaningful.  Or make your very un-meaningful job seem meaningful with the below ideas.  I know being a teacher isn´t always the greatest job but at the end of the day, I can say that I help people.  Sometimes just a hug from a student or seeing their improvement makes all the difference.  It doesn´t matter if you work in a profession that isn´t technicially devoted to helping others…there are many ways you can do this.  Try to call or have personal contact with office members instead email.  Say hello or good morning to everyone, thank your secretary, buy a co- worker coffee if you see they are having a rough day.  It doesn´t matter if you´re job isn´t meaningful, MAKE it meaningful.  Try to put your fellow coworkers or important clients birthdays on a computer calendar so you always remember and can make sure to wish them a happy birthday.  It´s the little things that begin to make a difference.

2.  Tell your friends, family, significant other how much they mean to you.  Often. Call your mom! Tell her shes´s amazing.  Think about the last words you spoke to all the important people in your life.  If it was ´don´t forget the book´ or  something un-meaningful, change it! Make sure you tell people who mean a lot to you that you care about them and why you care about them..this will give you a lot of inner satisfaction and your loved ones will feel, well, LOVED!

3.  If there are walks or runs in your city for good causes, join in!  This will make you feel as if you are doing something to help a cause and will also get your heart rate up.  Make it a social outing, do it with friends, it´s bound to increase your mood!

4.  Listen.  Humans are innately selfish and are focused on themselves and their own lives.  Sometimes we walk around in a bubble of our own problems, issues, etc.  Burst the bubble!  Ask, not tell.  Find out what´s happening in your friends and coworkers lives.  You will learn so much about other people, and people will begin to see you in a different light.  Listening to others shows you care about them and are interested in their lives.  People will love you even more than they already do, and you will feel more wanted and loved and…HAPPY.  Win win situation for all!

5.  Anything handwritten.  With email, texting, BBM, chat, messanger…who ever sends a handwritten letter or card these days ?  Remember the joy of opening your mailbox and finding something else inside besides bills?  Write to someone.  Write to everyone.  You´ll feel like you´ve expressed yourself, and your family and friends will be overjoyed to get a real letter!  And if you are lucky…maybe you will even get a handwritten note back.  Imagine…a long day at work…a bad commute…and surprise! A handwritten note in the mail!  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

I hope these past few posts will leave you with, well, happiness. As I previously stated, happiness is a tricky science…so…experiment! Grab life by the balls and get out there, find out what makes YOU happy!


One response to “Be Happy in Madrid (or anywhere!) Part 4

  1. After reading and analyzing what I do in my life, I do a pretty decent job at happiness, thanks for this series of posts, one of my faves from you thus far!

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