Be Happy in Madrid (or anywhere!) Part 3

Last night´s post was about repeating behaviors that you know caused happiness for you in the past.  Today´s post will be about immersing yourself 100 percent in whatever you do to create more happiness.

Immersing yourself in whatever you do does not just mean for example, like you are at work, only thinking about work and nothing more.   Or you are washing dishes, only thinking about washing dishes.  It means taking advantage of the situations that you are in and milking every opportunity out of them.  Find things that already make you happy and give them 100 percent.

The best ways to manifest this (again, they will vary from person to person but these are my personal suggestions) are below:

1.  Mental Immersion. Learn a new language. And give it your all.  I suppose I truly immersed myself in this when I moved to Spain, but I love the power that comes with learning more than one language, and the opportunity.   Learning a new language is not only fun but creates self-worth and possible career opportunities, the option of communicating with other people, the possibility of living and traveling to other places.  You can mentally immerse yourself in many different things, his doesn´t have to be learning a language.  Find something that mentally challenges you and do it, a science course, getting your real estate license, a history class, anything.  Just make sure to give it your best effort, 100%!

2.  Physically immerse yourself in something.  Join a gym, take a dance class, train for a half marathon, bike to work…find something you enjoy physically and really push yourself.   This not only creates happiness but tightens up your bum as well so there are lots of positive results. (As Elle Woods said…exercising releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy!)

3.  Take your work and try to enjoy it.  I am teacher and I find when I am so into my classes than I am not thinking about anything else, is the time when I, and probably the kids, have the most fun.  So what if you sit at a desk all day? Make it pleasant! Bring a seat cushion, a little radio, smile and throw yourself into your work.   Work will seem better this way.

4.  Creatively challenge yourself.  Take an art class, paint your kitchen chairs, sew something, make a handmade card for someone (this doubles as doing good for others!)  I know some are more creatively intuitive than others but it doesn´t mean you can´t try.  In Madrid there is a shop you can go into to paint a mug, bowl, etc for yourself or someone else. Do this! And enjoy it!  Creativity works in different ways too…maybe start your own blog or experiment with a new hairstyle or makeup look, start your own business.  The possibilities are endless.

5.  Try to make the best of any situation.  Stuck at a party where you don´t know anyone? Instead of hiding in the corner, make it a point to speak to three new people.  Have to clean out your closet? Throw on some music and just DO it.  Accomplishing tasks and giving them your all always creates feelings of achievement.   Stuck in mad traffic? Try writing your grocery list down or practicing deep yoga breathes.

These are my tips for immersing yourself in tasks…if you still can´t find happiness, don´t panic, because I have got one more area to go to help you find it…tomorrow´s post…how to do something that serves a larger purpose, and why it will make you happy!


One response to “Be Happy in Madrid (or anywhere!) Part 3

  1. Amazing posts! They make me so… HAPPY!!! I feel the postitive vibes girl 🙂

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