Arcade Restaurant

I´ve recently decided that I need to embrace the Meditterrean diet since I am, after all, living here in Spain.  In order to do that I need to eat way more fish that I have ever eaten in my life, which isn´t a problem at all, because I love fish.  Luckily it´s cheap and plentiful here in Madrid, and the quality is excellent, in general.  A great restaurant where you can enjoy delicious seafood is Arcade Restaurant, which features traditional Galician dishes.

Arcade isn´t neccesarily trendy or glamourous but the service is excellent and the quality of the food is truly fantastic, especially for the prices.

My personal favorites are the almejas (clams), boquerones (sardines), and of course any oven baked or grilled fish that they have to offer.  The Pulpo estilo Gallego (octopus Galician style) is also out of this world.

It´s also a great place to host a dinner party at.  They will cater a specific menu directly to you and your groups needs.


Restaurante Arcade
[Cocina gallega]
Calle Alcalá, 84
28009 Madrid – Madrid

Teléfono: 91 431 57 59


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