Winter Head Wear

It´s freezing in Madrid and I am not really a hat person but something has GOT to be done to keep all the hairs on my pretty little head nice and toasty so my solution, as per style trends previously noted in Italy, is:

fur earmuffs, or when the temps REALLY drop, fur trapper hats.

Celebs are wearing fur  earmuffs and hats everywhere so they are obviously right on trend.

Inspiration: SJP in black earmuffs

Get the look:

Faux Fur Earmuffs by Lipsy, 12 GBP

George Style 6 GBP

Asos Outlet 6 GBP

Inspiration:  Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Ke$ha in fur trapper hats


Even more inspiration: Russian Barbie

So bossy.

Get the look:

Fashion Beans Trapper Hats in various colors

Vintage Fur Hat

An added tip: try looking at thrift stores and vintage shops for the perfect fur hat!


2 responses to “Winter Head Wear

  1. Are you saying that Kitty and I should get matching furmuffs?

  2. I found a 10 Euro fur trapper hat (now I know what it´s called, thanks to you!) from H and M (the schmancy one on Granvía), but they were all out the next time I went. Could you do a blog on which are the best H n M stores to hit up, since they all seem to carry different wares? Even the two on Granvía aren´t the same, and the one in Príncipe Pío is completely different, too. Thanks!

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