Smartbox Gifts

If you don´t yet know what a Smartbox is…your life is about to change this very moment!  Smartbox is a type of ´Gift Card´(except way cooler )that you can purchase at many shops including VIPS, Corte Ingles, ABAC, etc.

Basically you pay a certain amount of money for a specific type of thing…wine tasting, a dinner, a spa trip, a weekend in the moutains etc.  Then you´ve got an entire book of many cities in Spain and places in each city where they offer the service.

So let´s say you´ve got one for a tasting.  It tells you, in detail, the 8 restaurants or places in Madrid, the 10 restaurants in Seville, the 5 in Barcelona etc that offer a tasting, and what they offer. Perhaps in one place you get a dessert and port wine tasting.  In another you get tapas and beer tasting.  Another is wine and chocolate.  Another you´ve got in a restaurant on the beach with different seafood. You get to pick the place, call for a res and you are set! I have had success with the 2 I have received and the few I have bought for others.  They have some really interesting ones, like Adventure, where you can drive a Ferrari, go zip lining, windsurfing, tons of different things, depending on your city!

The spa one is fantastic…I chose from a number of options to get a ChocoTerapia, which was a full body massage with chocolate! Amazing!

So next time you don´t know what to get someone…try a Smartbox!



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