ScarJo for Moet Chandon Champagne!

I´ve been seeing a lot of these images advertised around Madrid and I love Scarlet Johansson and I love Moet so I wanted to post them here to get opinions on the ads.  Please, share your thoughts.  Just to clarify, Moet is a French brand of champagne, but it´s quite popular in Spain.

Love this image! I want a Moet ring lol!  In fact I just want Moet…it´s kinda pricey so it´s not on my usual grocery list.

If I drink Moet, will a hot guy kiss my neck? 

Although this is a fun image, I feel it is incredibly photoshopped almost takes away from her natural beauty, making her look a bit fake.  When I first saw this image I was even sure if it was ScarJo or not! Thoughts? Comment away!


2 responses to “ScarJo for Moet Chandon Champagne!

  1. I love Scarlett and think she’s absolutely gorgeous in all her photos! I like the Moët ads with her in them. I think she’s heavily made-up, but she still looks good! Makes me want to drink Moët!

  2. Love these! I wonder if I should get crafty and make Moet rings for us 🙂

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