Get ´Felt´Up with ShookIt Designs!

ShookIt Designs is a line of accessories that specializes in pins made mainly of felt, among other fabrics.  The designer, Nora Schuchat, is American but based out of Madrid, and will ship any of her items from her online shop anywhere in Europe or the USA.  Now to the fun part…the fabulous product she creates!

A few of her handsewn masterpieces below:

My personal favorite for obvious reasons…!!!


Peacock feather headband

Nora can place any of her designs on a pin, or on felt for a headband, bracelet or necklace, as you can see from the headband above.

Love this apple…perfect for a teacher!

Nora also takes custom orders, which is fantastic…so if you´ve got a design in mind, she´s willing to do it!  Each pin takes 3 to 6 hours of blood, sweat and tears to create, and of course lots of heart!   This doesn´t even include the design time. Talk about the perfect customized gift!  No glue is used in her items and everything is sewn by hand.  Prices range from approx 10-20 USD or about 8-18 euros.

The name ShookIT comes from the pronounciation of her last name…spelled Schuchat but pronounced ShookIT!

Last but not least, I leave you with my favorite tasty treat…ice cream!

Check out her website for online orders, or if you´ve got your own idea, feel free to email her.  Remember, supporting local artists is always a wonderful thing…makes the world go ´round!


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