Brunch Spot: Nina Restaurant

Ever craving brunch in Spain?  Nina Restaurant does it´s best to successfully imitate a typical American brunch.  From 12 to 6 pm every Saturday, Sunday and festival day, Nina provides brunch service.

´Brunch´includes (in the below order):

your choice of juice

your choice of yogurt or milkshake

several different types of bread and rolls with a plate of butter, cream cheese, jam and paté

Choice of one of 7 main entrees, some options are:

eggs benedict

scrambled eggs with bacon

bagel with smoked salmon

Dessert Plate with donuts and muffins to share


My personal opinion of the brunch was just okay.  I enjoyed the fact that I was eating brunch here in Spain, but the food order was strange, for example having all that bread, and having yogurt at the beginning threw me off a little.  My eggs benedict were just okay.  It was really nice though to just have brunch! So if you are craving American brunch, it´s definitely worth trying.  The atmosphere is  trendy, minimalist, and reminscent of NYC´s restaurant vibe.


Calle Manuela Malasaña, 10

Metro: Bilbao

91 591 0046


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