Best Vacation Rentals

If I decide to take a holiday longer than a weekend, I usually find that renting an apartment is a cheaper and more relaxing way to enjoy your time in another place.  I love that you have a kitchen and living room and it´s a lot more personal than a hotel room. It´s often cheaper or the same price as a hotel too.

I´ve had wonderful luck with a website called Owners Direct.  The exact address is:

I´ve successfully rented 4 apartments off this site, one in Lisbon Portugal, two in Fuerteventura and one in Malaga.  They offer apartments in several countries all over the world.

I strongly suggest when planning your next vacation that you check this site out in addition to your usual search.  You may just find the perfect apartment!!!


Fabulous apartment rented in Fuerteventura pictured below:


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