Indulge in a Musical!

If your New Year´s Resolution this year included involving yourself in more cultural activities, than you should definitely see a musical in Madrid.  Right now my two favorites are Annie and Avenue Q.

As a child I recall putting on a red clown wig and cartwheeling around my backyard singing ´It´s a Hard Knock Life´.  Everyone loves Annie…for those who don´t know, she’s a lovable little red-headed orphan trapped in a nasty orphanage with a voice you can´t even believe comes from a child.  It´s even a movie too.

Avenue Q is another fabulously funny musical, though a lot more modern than Annie. Avenue Q is an adult, vulgar, crude…basically hysterical spoof or parody on everyone´s favorite 80´s kids show, Sesame Street. I used to watch this show as a child so I can imagine, and have heard, that this musical is a laugh-your-ass-off kinda show!

The shows both run through Spring 2011 and tickets are available from the Entradas Corte Ingles Website. Enjoy!,5192,ECI,FF.html


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