Adios Elio Berhanyer

One of Spain´s most famous fashion designers, Elio Berhanyer, is permanently closing the doors to his Madrid based workshop and warehouse.

When we think about the current economic crisis we normally tend to focus on people losing their homes and jobs.  However, I think it must be terrible thing to own your own successful business and then have to shut it down. I would imagine that in these times, the drop in sales of luxury goods must be enormous and there just wasn´t a profit coming in for Berhanyer.  People have said that his last collection showing at Cibeles fashion week seemed old fashioned and that he hasn´t been able to find his spot in modern times fashion.

Berhanyer showed his first collection in 1973 and his designs were sold all over Europe, Japon and Australia.  Elio Berhanyer, you will be missed!  One of my favorite Berhanyer designs featured below:


2 responses to “Adios Elio Berhanyer

  1. It’s a shame when such events occur, it really humbles you to here these things. Great blog by the way, ya era hora de ver un blog dedicado al estilismo de Madrid. Ole!

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