Happy 2011! Fashion New Years Resolutions

First of all, Happy New Year to all and welcome back to Life and Style Madrid!  To get this year off to a fresh start, I know we all have plenty of our own resolutions, like get to the gym, quit smoking…blah blah…but this year it´s all about the Fashion New Years Resolutions.  I love to hear comments so if you have any Fashion Resolutions of your own…share them!

As we all do, when I am tired or lazy, I sometimes let my fashion slip and just throw something on.  This year, I´ve made a few resolutions to combat this!

1.  Wear heels more.

The older I get, it seems like I just want to wear lower heeled shoes.  Especially living in Madrid, always walking on cobblestone streets and dealing with public transportation…5 inch stilletos don´t often make sense.  But I realize how incredibly unbossy it is to wear flats all the time, so I am going to resist the urge to be comfortable and throw myself into impractical, unwalkable, sexy, gorgeous stilletos!

2.  Wear less black and more color.

Okay maybe its the NYC in me but GRAY is totally a color. So is beige.  But everyone always asks me why I wear so much black and really, lets be real, black makes me look skinny and hot.  But maybe I do need an addition of color…although I have worked hard this year to incorporate a little gray…perhaps a shot of blue, green, yellow or red wouldn´t kill me!

3.  Class up my style

Like I said, I am getting a bit older and considering I don´t have any kind of dress code at my job…my style is still pretty urban, pretty casual, pretty fun.  Maybe this year  I´ll add a more professional touch to my look.

4.  Wear more Hats

Hats are just bossy. Enough said.

Have any fashion New Years Resolutions? Share em!


8 responses to “Happy 2011! Fashion New Years Resolutions

  1. RE: ”’Wear less black and more color.’ Okay maybe its the NYC in me but GRAY is totally a color”
    Yes LOL. You should see London, loads of people wearing black and gray and nothing but. Lovely blog.

  2. Thanks Cath! I am happy to hear that London also validates gray as a color!!! 🙂

  3. Love the bossy resolutions

  4. Heather´s Fashion New Year´s Resolutions

    1. Have better posture.
    2. Wear more capes.
    3. Don´t spill.
    4. Organize my damn closet.
    5. Dress more ¨pija¨

    : D

  5. KG’s New Year’s Resolutions:

    1. Eat a fresh vegetable every day
    2. Break out of the black/white/gray uniform, too!
    3. Learn what “pija” means, perhaps learn to dress more like it

  6. Katy, PIJA is the way a very specific girl in madrid dresses…to fully understand, you have to come VISIT ME!!!! 🙂

  7. MJ’s New Year’s Ressies…
    Incorporate faux fur, and ditto on more heels, less flats.

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