Ask Lori: What to Wear Wine Tasting

When thinking about what to wear wine tasting, I have three very important tips for you to consider.  Let´s just jump right in, shall we?

1.  Dress warmly.

Wine needs to be stored at 57 degrees farenheight and and so it´s often cold in the bodegas.  FYI Bodega is spanish for winery or vineyard in Spain (in NYC or Mexico it means corner store, like a 7-11 type place).  So it´s important that you bundle up for your wine trip, I was freezing the entire time during mine.

2.  Don´t wear white or light colors in general.

Especially if you don´t spit the wine out.  Even if you manage to stay relatively sober, you never know what drunk David Bisbal look alike might dump red wine all over your white jeans.  So just as an advice, dark colors might be a better choice.

3.  Don´t wear super high heels.

Normally, you will be standing or walking around the whole time and so you want to be comfortable.  Also, if you tend to get a little tipsy you might be tripping around during the tours.  So I recommend a flat or low heel.

See photos below for some ideas!

As you can see here the girls (Heather, Desi, Norma and Rachel) are wearing layers: scarves, jackets, vests etc that can be peeled off if it´s warm but good coverage in case it´s cold.  They´ve got flats and low heels on and mainly dark colors in case of wine spillage!

With Holly and I, you can we´ve got see layers, vests, low heels on. Glasses are also a good choice because it´s often dusty or dry in the bodegas and with the wine drinking, those contacts can get dried out!  Plus, wearing glasses makes you look less drunk and more wine knowledgeable…at least that´s what I was aiming for.

You can pretty much never go wrong with all black, (not just in wine tasting, in general!) so therefore Lauren looks great.  And if she spilled, no one could see, perfect! I highly recommend all black outfits when wine tasting.


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