Ask Lori: What to Wear With This Dress?

My dear friend Amy has asked me what she can pair this cool Rachel Roy dress with on New Years Eve, and so I am going to give her some options.

Now, for New Years Eve, I usually like to add a little something extra…it´s not just like every other night out, it´s special! So you want your outfit to reflect that.

Now lucky girl Amy is going to be in Hawaii for New Years, so I am going give some summer options to wear with the dress as well as some winter options for those of us who aren´t as lucky to be in a warm climate during this holiday!


Because this dress is edgy, you don´t want just a classic black pump.  These opened toed booties are perfect to give the dress a little oomph.  Both available from Nine West.


We all know in a Michigan winter we can´t go running around bare-legged so tights are a must. I highly recommened the DKNY opaque tight, which is available as one or in a 2 pack.  You can find at any department store.

I also recommened a little fur shawl to keep those shoulders warm.  They have some low priced ones at Blanco right now.  Or a tiny fur vest like Kylie Minogue is wearing.

For shoes, you can glam up with some glitter by wearing this Michael Kors pump.Or you can wear these layer wrapped platforms by Nine West.


Now you obviously don´t want to go overboard with accessories, for example if you decide to wear the fur then obviously don´t wear a bracelet, ring, earrings and a hair accessory too, just make sure to edit. But these are some accessory ideas.

Black Diamond Earrings from Van BelingerBangles and Hairpins from Forever 21

Ring from Top Shop

For purses…you could stick with black, or try to add a little color

Top Shop Red Clutch

Anna Hindmarch Black Box Clutch


Good Luck Amy!  I know you are going to look great!


One response to “Ask Lori: What to Wear With This Dress?

  1. You are amazing and I love it all! I can’t wait to go look for those shoes!

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