Travel Hot Spot: Logroño, Spain

Logroño is a small town in the Rioja region of Spain and if you love wine, you will love this place!  La Rioja is home to over 300 vineyards and wineries and many of them are just a quick ride away from Logroño.

I highly recommend the Vinobus, a bus trip that takes you to a few vineyards and leaves from Logroño´s tourism office in the town center.  You can even go back monthly because they change their route and which winery´s they visit every month! Autumn was a gorgeous time to go, as you can see from the picture above…everything is colorful and the air is crisp…just makes me want to drink wine!  For more info,

A nice hotel to stay in, just next to the cathedral, is Casas con Encanto.  A great price, location and clean and nice.

The best thing to do in Logroño center is simply walk around for wine and tapas.  Calle Laurel is a great street to do this on.

The main historical site to see is the cathedral.  Other than that…just drink wine!


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