Hot Website Alert: Polyvore Fashion

If anyone has viewed my recent posts on Edgy Glamour, Fur and Leather, and Holiday Dresses, those were all created by yours truly in the oh-so-fabulous website called Polyvore.  It´s really simple.

First, you go to

Then you create a free account.  Then you browse through different categories, like pants, tops, accessories, etc and you pick favorites to add to your items.  Then you can create special sets with all of your favorite things.  You can even make entire collections if you want.

I find that the best way to use this site is to pick a theme or topic, and then browse through things with your specific topic in mind. Otherwise, it can be overwhelming.  Themes can be anything from, Jeans I Love, to Amazing Things in the Color Purple to Boho Chic or Perfect Winter Scarves.  Be creative and have fun!  If anyone wants to create a set and send it to me, I would be happy to post it on my blog (if it makes the cut, haha).  If you want to get real crazy, you can even upload your own photos or pictures from other sites and resize them and use them for your polyvore sets.

This site is really helpful if you happen to have your own fashion blog or are interested in fashion or design of any kind.  Enjoy!

THANKS TO MEGGY who opened my eyes to this incredible website! xoxo


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