Ask Lori: To cape, or not to cape?

I fully support wearing the the cape.  The cape is a classical piece that can make you look and feel like a fashion queen.  However, the cape plus baseball hat plus converse is a huge fashion no-no.  If you are going to invest in the cape, you must give it the other fashion accessories it will truly need in order to succeed and make you look absolutely fabulous.

1.  When choosing a cape, be aware of the size and shape. If you are short like me, a floor length cape, for example will make you look like Harry Potter.  A shorter cape would be a better fitting choice.

2.  Be aware of color.  You don´t want a black patent leather cape, for example, unless your Halloween costume is the Matrix.  Try for a Camel color, a subdued red or army green, or winter white. Gray is also a nice color.

3. Please, don´t ever wear gym shoes with your cape.  In fact, a word of reference, don´t ever wear gym shoes unless you are going to the gym. Enough said in that area.  I recommend wearing capes with boots, flats, or stilettos.  The right cape can spice up a simple pair of skinny jeans or an LBD.

See below for some cape ideas.

Natalie Portman´s blue cape is very classy, a little bit of a military edge is added because of the buttons. I love the color and it looks perfect with Natalie´s flats, jeans and white shirt.

Victoria Beckham looks great in her white cape and LBD.  It makes everything just a little more elegant.

This image (sorry-slightly blurry) is my favorite because I love how Nicole styled her outfit with the cape. Skinny boots, jeans, and a basic black bag emphasize the cape even more, due to their simplicity.

Some affordable capes featured below.

This cape from Zara is gorgeous.  I love the edging detail, it´s very original.  This model rocks it too, she looks perfect.  Side note, my friend Heather has this cape, and it looks just as amazing on her as it does on this model!

This shorter cape with a tie front is from Mango. I like the idea of a black cape being a bit shorter, it softens the look.

Happy cape shopping everyone!


2 responses to “Ask Lori: To cape, or not to cape?

  1. I LOVE THE CAPE-AGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. and the Natalie Portman cape-age is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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