The Italy Chronicles: Vol 8

Travel hot spot: Bergamo, Italy

I fell in love with this magical little town the moment I saw it, perched on a hill, enveloped in clouds and fog with the pre-Alps peeking in from behind. I could have been swooning due to excessive indulgence in the food area, but I really do feel that Bergamo is an exceptional little town with so much history. My only regret is not having more time to explore the city to its fullest. If you ever have an opportunity, please make a stop in this little masterpiece called Bergamo.

Beautiful church in Bergamo.  Living in Spain and traveling Europe, I have seen my fair share of cathedrals, churches, etc but this one was the only one I have ever seen with actual 3D sculptures on the ceiling! Stunning, truly stunning.

The main plaza of Bergamo.  Historically charming even on a rainy day.

Old stone streets of Bergamo.  High heels not recommended.

No joke, the best pizza slice I ever ate came from this very spot in Bergamo.  Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella literally melting in my mouth…incredible.


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